Perhaps the worst part about going back to school after Summer vacation is hearing everyone's stories about how much fun they were having the last three months. Luckily, I've devised this MadLib to help save you time. Simply hand it out to your friends have them fill in the blanks. Presto! All the information you need without using any of the social skills you honed at World of Warcraft camp!

Oh man, this summer was awesome. I just basically chilled with some of my buds from (name of hometown) . It was cool because my buddy (name of friend) had a sick fake ID and he could get us brews from the packy. What? Why didn't I use my fake? What are you, crazy, dude? I wasn't going to risk losing that, man. Do you know how hard it is to get a good fake (state in U.S.) ID?

Dude, you know how at the end of last year I was all depressed because (name of girl) said she didn't want to hook up anymore? Well, I get home and I get a phone call out of the blue from this girl I used to date in high school, (name of girl). She's all like, "We should catch up sometime, get a coffee at (name of coffee place) ." So I'm like, "Yeah, whatever, if I have time." I played it all cool, right? Dude, I was banging her all summer. I'm gonna go visit her at (name of college) over break probably" maybe" I dunno, maybe I won't.

Oh man, I totally forgot to tell you about the (name of band) concert. Bro, so I'm all wasted in the parking lot, right? I probably had, like, twenty beers or something, and I'm all fucked up, walking around and I see my guidance counselor from high school, Mr. (last name) ! He's taking a fucking nitrous hit, dude! What? Hell no I didn't say hi to him. That dude was a dick.

Do my parents just give me money to do nothing all Summer? No way, man, I had a job. I mean, it wasn't anything serious, just doing office stuff at my buddy's dad's company. It's a, like, (industry) supply company, I think? I got paid $10 and hour to sit at a desk and play minesweeper. It was sick. Plus, every Friday my boss would take me out to (chain restaurant) for martinis.

Oh man, I almost forgot the best part of the whole summer. I went to (foreign country) for a week with my buddy's family. At first I was like, "Whatever, it'll be relaxing or whatever." But then me and my buddy find out (illegal drug) is completely legal there! So we're totally fucked up and he passes out, like, IN the hotel lobby. So I'm totally messed up and his sister, (girl's name) is like, "what are ya doing?" And I'm like, "Nothing, just riding out this buzz." And she goes, "Cool." What's that? Did we hook up? Um" I think so. I kinda blacked out.

Yeah dude, this summer was insane. I mean, between pounding brews with my boys to working some bullshit job and making loot, I barely had time to visit any of my school friends. What? Well..I mean, yeah, I did visit (friend's name) but it was only for a weekend. Why didn't I call you? Bro, I totally blanked. I definitely wanted to hang out and I was gonna call you but I, uh, got so fucked up that I forgot. Bro, don't cry, we're still boys. Aight man, I gotta jet, my roommate came back with some bootleg Family Guy season four DVDs and we're gonna get baked and check "'em out. Can you come along? Awww man, I wish you asked earlier. We only have enough weed for us. Sorry bro.

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