Hundreds of people applied to our annual Halloween Costume Contest this year, but only three were good enough for our cash prize giveaway. So without further adieu, here are the Top 10 costumes, voted on by you.


10. The Dark Knight


There's really nothing a man loves more than dreaming of being Batman, so it's no wonder he made the top 10 this year. Ladies love you, men fear you, and rabid bats from all around town now think you're their new king. What could possibly go wrong? Well, you could overheat and pass out in a thick rubber suit, but that's really no different than a normal night out now is it. 


Pyramid Head

9. Pyramid Head


When you spend three months constructing a costume, you have no choice but to apply to a Halloween costume contest in hopes of recouping some cash back for your expenses. Now he's just got to remember to not pass out while partying and impale one of his friends. 



8. Un-Deadmau5


You wouldn't think it, but ravers and the undead actually have a lot in common. They're typically mindless drones, they don't stay down when they fall, and the only way you can kill them is to destroy their brain - the last being something ravers probably do on their own by incessantly partying till 5am.



7. The Stretch-Faced Maitlands from Beetlejuice


It's truly a testament to Tim Burton's legacy that a movie from 1988 still garners loads of costume submissions every year to this contest. Being both nostalgic and frightening, this works as one of the best couples costumes out there. And if that doesn't scare the kids, you can always just go as Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis next Halloween. That's a terrifying costume in its own right. 


Halo Elite

6. Halo Elite


Standing at an impressive 9.5 feet tall, this Sangheili is fully animatronic and functional. So ladies, if you're looking to mix up your next bachelorette party, look no further. He's cheaper than your average cop stripper and much more skilled in fierce hand-to-hand combat. What more could a girl ask for?



5. Bane


A lot of people attempt it, but few can actually pull off a solid Bane costume. For one, you've got to be sufficiently jacked. But then you also have to be willing to wear a land mine on your face all night, making it virutally impossible to drink enough to the point that it's socially acceptable to beat up everyone still going as The Joker this year.