If you are time traveling for the holidays and have no idea what to pack, look no further. I've done this before, so there's no need to reinvent the wheel! (Unless, of course, you are traveling to the caveman era, in which case you might very well have to reinvent the wheel.) Here are my must-pack items for time travel:


Three pairs of underwear 
I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but if you're traveling into the future, they will probably have really efficient washing machines, and if you are traveling into the past, you'll either be able to buy more underwear (near past) or underwear won't have been invented yet, so you won't wear it anyway (far past).


A book
No one likes traveling without a book. But be warned, time travel is instantaneous, so you probably won't get very far in it. Also, if you are traveling to the future, I wouldn't bring any sci-fi. It will seem gauche.


One festive sweater
It's always nice to be dressed up, no matter what the era.


Your toothbrush 
I always forget this one, and then I'm the dope collecting twigs (past) or begging Lord Zemorph to borrow a plakotron (future).


Your charger
By this I mean the charger to your time machine. You don't want to be stuck in another dimension, especially if you have to be back to work on Monday.


A light jacket
The weather in the future or the past could be literally anything, so plan accordingly.


A pair of jeans
These can be dressed up, dressed down, or burned for fuel should your time machine break down.


Non-perishable snack
Time travel makes you hungry! But don't bring fruit because its cellular makeup is too fragile for time travel (i.e., what a mess). And trust me, you don't want to pop up in the middle of the coliseum with a big raspberry stain on your shirt. Which leads me to...


A Tide Stick
I wouldn't even go two seconds into the past without one of these. 


A hostess gift
Something simple that's light, easy to pack, and would be appreciated by both a Renaissance maiden or a post-apocalyptic scavenger alike. (Hint: Spencer's Gifts has some great options.)


A bathing suit
Just in case your hotel has a crystal pool (future) or a lazy river (recent past in Myrtle Beach).


It probably won't be fungible where you are going, but it still feels weird to travel without any cash on hand. Plus, on the off chance you end up in the colonial period, George Washington will get a kick out of seeing a dollar bill.


Cowboy boots
They are timeless and look as great on the cobblestones streets of Jamestown as they do the grassy meadows of the post-global warming North Pole.


You will be traveling at the speed of light, after all.


Your favorite keepsake from home
Time travel is a pretty unstable way of navigating the time-space continuum, so should you never return, it would be nice to have something to remind you of the life you left behind.


As a general rule, pack as light as possible, because time machines tend to be pretty cramped! Oh, and if you're thinking, "If I forget something, I can just travel to the past and pack the thing I forgot," don't bother, because that's a very boring way to spend your holidays.

I hope that helped! Now all you have to do is sit back, relax, and hold your hat* when you're traveling through all of that anti-matter!


*Under no circumstances are you to bring a hat. They are really hard to pull off.
Bon Voyage!