These creatures exist so you can now go live under your bed forever. 


1. The Anglerfish has a goddamn glowstick on its head.


Source: mothernaturefucker

2. The Tomopteris is a glow worm thingy that would slither through your nightmares.

Source: thefeaturedcreature

3. This thing that is literally a crossbreed between Predator and a shrimp. 

Source: googleplussuomi

4. The Magnapinna Squid which is the Slenderman of the sea.



Source: grist

5. Holy shit this fucking Ctenophora jellyfish creature that is ready to go to a rave in hell.

Source: uberhumor

6. The Purple Man O' War that at first you're like aw, yer a cute little fella, and then you realize is so poisonous it will fuck your day with it's bubble body. 

Source: gizmodo

7. The Sarcastic Fingerhead that is not actually sarcatic but will eat your face. 

Source: geek

8. The Bioluminescent Siphonophore is the ghost of the deep sea. 

Source: senorgif

9. The Barreleye fish that's like LOL you can see through my head. 


Source: tatliaskim

10. The Stargazer Fish is just a big ol' mushy faced perv. 


Source: bogleech 

11. The Blue Sea Slug steals poison from other things and then uses it as it's own poison. So. Fuck that. Also it's a dragon. 

Source: templeilluminatus

12. It's called a Vampire Squid so naturally it'll probably suck your blood. Or soul. 

Source: that-science-bitch.tumblr