For its 10th anniversary, Facebook has released a "Look Back" feature that will make you a personalized montage of your top posts and photos. Seeing these videos covering your feed is AWESOME because, well, what's more important to than your friend's seven year old status update?!  Here are six "Look Back" parodies that we can nostalgically look back upon in another ten years. 


1. An Honest Facebook Movie

by Tripp and Tyler



2. Rob Ford's Facebook Look Back

by Tom Kucy



3. An Honest Look Back 

by Stephen Parkhurst 



4. Walter White's Facebook Look Back

by Are We There Yet?



5. Putin Facebook Look Back



6. Facebook's Own Look Back

by TVFRecycleBin



7. Darth Vader's Look Back

by Joshua Dill


8. Facebook Look Back: You are Numbers

by Maddox