The idea of allowing a stranger to stay at my apartment while I'm out of town requires a little more trust than I'm comfortable with. (I saw that Dateline episode where they took a blacklight into a hotel room, semen was everywhere. I don't need that in my house, thank you.)

A guy on Reddit who goes by Grimmalkin, made this mistake and was trolled by his house sitter with a brilliant Photoshop prank through a series of emails that showed his house being condemned, invaded by Godzilla and burning in flames. 

It's probably best to go the Howard Hughes route and never leave home to avoid this sort of thing altogether. 

Email 1


Simply said the house was fine and he was cleaning the windows for me. I really hope this one is shopped, he's a big guy and the proportins are correct.

Email 2


He's a painter and decorator, he had offered to paint the house in my abscence. "You did say you wanted pastel shades?"

Email 3



"Dude, they just took everything."

Email 4



"So I got you a cool lawn ornament."

Email 5



 "I saw a spider."