People have been inventing stupid shit since the dawn of time. Here are 13 products from the past 50 years that failed to catch on for obvious reasons. 


1. This product allowed you to smoke an entire pack of cigarettes at once, just like high-rolling aristocrat. 



2. Surprise! Everybody was smoking in the 1960s and this product made getting lung cancer even more romantic. 


Source: learningmind

3. Who wouldn't want to put a hood made of "TRANSPARENT OILED SKIN" on their face?


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4. Nothing makes you the "weird kid" at school faster than saying "My dad lives in a bubble."


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1970s and 80s

5. Ya know, ladies, just in case you needed even MORE creepy dudes staring at your chest. 


Source: stupidest

6. Maybe this product didn't catch on because it plays music through your skeleton, or maybe it's because it was called the Bone Fone. 


Source: modernmechanix

7. Okay, but why???


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8. An even faster and more efficient way to produce ass sweat. 



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9. Just in case you ever wanted to experience the thrill of an insect under a magnifying glass there's Sun Pod. 



Source: slashgear

1990s to the present

10. Sometimes a product isn't sold in stores for a good reason. Like because nobody wants their toilet to play a soundtrack when they take a shit. 


Source: gizwiz


11. Metal Detecting Sandals: Finally, a way to find buried treasure at the beach without looking like a total weirdo. 


Source: geeky-gadgets

12. This is the iSmell. It's programmed to release scents every time you use the web so you associate your favorite web activities with smell. It has one scent: Doritos. 


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 13. And finally, the modern day dunce hat. 

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