You'll never forget your first! Well, you might've been too young to remember a lot of these, but THANK GOODNESS there are these photos of people (& animals) experiencing life's expansive wonders for the first time. No matter how small the moment, the looks on their faces are priceless. Welcome to the world, you'll never be the same again.


1. A boy watches television for the first time in 1948

source: cobb__salad


2. A baby's is confused going through his first car wash

source: gibbonator


3. An old woman's first roller coaster ride is thrilling

source: Bertons


4. A deaf woman hears for the first time

source: neonicblast


5. Baby's first time in the rain


source: bfs1985


6. A toddler realizing he can move his eyebrows

source: Streeb-Greebling


7. Baby's first time seeing ICE CREAM


source: adrianahasaids


8. Poor Timmy's first time driving


source: SantaKlouse


9. Asian children see a white person for the first time

source: SantaKlouse


10. Bulldog puppy meets its first human AWWWW

source: holdenwook