In case you forgot, spiders are some of the creepiest things on the planet. Spiders know they're creepy little shits and they know you're terrified of them. As evidenced by these GIFs, they're out to get you and there is no hiding from them. If you should see a spider in your house, it's probably best to burn your entire house down. Ya know, just to be on the safe side. 

1. "Got it... got it..." Nope. He's dead now. 

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2. There is literally nothing worse that can happen to a person in life than sitting down on a toilet and having a spider attack from below. 

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3. This person... also dead now. 

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4. "You're not gonna film me, asshole."

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5. That's about 1,000 legs of creepy right there. 

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6. The plastic container is the spider's eternal enemy. 

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7. Probably fake, but do you really want to take that chance?

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 8. Reason #233 why breathing through your mouth is a bad idea. 

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9. It's like an explosion of mini terrors. 

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10. Good luck ever sleeping again. 


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