It's no secret that the 90s were filled with some trashy things -- but which of the decade's products were the trashiest? (Hint: it's a tie between all of these.)

1. Heinz EZ Squirt

Some of us had a mom that used the green variety in a meatloaf recipe once. Was it worth it, Heinz? 


Source: wsinsanity

2. Hostess Turtle Pies

What could possibly be trashy about a bright green empanada filled with vanilla puddin'? Maybe a pie made of actual turtle meat, but that's about it.


Source: x-entertainment

3. Bagel Bites

Delicious? Yeah, kinda, I guess. Easy to make for a Nintendo marathaon? Most definitely.  


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4. Doritos 3D

The D should stand for 'disappointment' because finding a single intact 3D chip was rarer than finding a four-leaf clover at recess.


Source: snackandpasta

5. Crystal Pepsi

There was something slightly disturbing about this clear Pepsi imposter and America just didn't trust it. 


Source: examiner

6. Pepsi A.M. 

It's just like cold brew, except it's a Pepsi "breakfast soda" and nobody wants it.


Source: businessinsider