We're about to embark onto a yearly tradition, pilot season.  Every year, like sea turtles returning to the ocean, pilots will be shown not knowing their fate.  Some pilots will air never to see an episode two.  Some will go on to be great hits that span ten years. These are our projections on some of this years floppiest looking new shows.


1. The Flash (CW)

The title doesn't describe the superhero, it describes the amount of time it will be on your tv screen as you're flipping through channels.


Source: imdb.com


2. A to Z (NBC)

Marley dies.  They never catch the whale.  If I know that this relationship isn't going to last from the start, don't make me watch Back to the Future references and an OKCupid office romance.  That's just my life now.


Source: Yahoo Celebrity


3. Gotham (FOX)

"Let's make a cop show, and then after we get cancelled, Batman comes and saves the day."


Source: DenOfGeek


4. Jane the Virgin (CW)

We expect the amount of episodes that air of this show to be about the amount of times she's had sex. We'd follow up with you, but no one has the time to actually watch the CW.  Come on.


Source: The CW


5. The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

She's a tough cop and single Mom living in New York City.  Can she balance work and home?  Find out when Janice from accounting is the only one who watched it and won't shut up about it.


Source: Bustle.com


6. Bad Judge (NBC)

Bad show.


Source: TVPromos.eu



This looks pretty good.  Check it out.  (See we're not just skeptics!)


Source: ComicBook.com

Have your own opinions about other new pilots/sea turtles?  Let us know in the comments.