Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I've won trivia contests and gotten into fights defending the books. But most of the main characters are straight up garbage people.


1. Harry

Harry may be the most important character but he's definitely the most annoying. Seriously, he just angsted his way through the entire series.

Yeah, we noticed (via giphy)

In fact, Ginny called him out on it at one point for being so self-absorbed that he forgot one of his closest friends had actually gone through something that he thought he was going through himself. Harry is consistently stubborn to the point of insanity. Things could have been so much easier for him if he asked for help instead of thinking he's the only one that can possibly understand complicated magical concepts. He's incredibly self-absorbed in that annoying way where he acts like he's being selfless. Saving the wizarding world doesn't give you an excuse to be a complete dick to your best friends. (Also, YOU FUCKING IDIOT SIRIUS GAVE YOU A MAGICAL WAY TO CONTACT HIM DIRECTLY THAT YOU COMPLETELY IGNORED. HE'S DEAD BECAUSE YOU'RE BAD AT ACCEPTING GIFTS)

2. Ron

The major selling point for Ron is that he's loyal, which honestly is the bare minimum requirement for a friend, but whatever. EXCEPT REMEMBER THAT THREE MONTHS WHERE HE COMPLETELY SHUNNED HARRY BECAUSE HE THOUGHT HE PUT HIS NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?? I mean, if he did, that would be a dick move to not include Ron, but a Loyal Friend would believe him when he said he didn't do it.


Ron's supposed to be the goofy friend, the comic relief, but he's only funny because he's dumb and insensitive.


Hermione knows what's up (via gifs-for-the-masses)

He's AWFUL to Hermione until she gets hot, including completely shunning her (sound familiar??) when he thinks her cat ate Scabbers and doesn't even apologize when he's proven wrong.

3. Hermione

Hermione is the best character of the trio, but even she isn't great. She's brilliant, yes, but that makes her snobby, rude, and a little psychotic. I mean, she used time travel to be able to take more classes which is just insane and really risky. She completely dismisses things she doesn't understand including having a tantrum and quitting the only class she's not good at. She's incredibly practical but it borders on callousness. That's probably a good thing for their adventures since Ron and Harry are such whomping pussywillows but it doesn't bode well for interpersonal relationships.  

there's dedicated and then there's delusional (via hellomissf)

Plus, she's really rude to Luna and never apologizes when she turns out to be cool.

4. Sirius

Granted, it's gotta be frustrating and depressing being convicted for the murder of your best friend and sent to live on a freezing rock prison guarded by the literal embodiment of fear. Living there for 13 years could certainly mess up your brain a little bit. But when he escaped, Sirius made NO effort to not be THE CREEPIEST.

undefinedYet you didn't have time to come up with a less manic opening line? (via ironmvns)

He followed Harry around as a giant death omen and just giggled when Harry tried to strangle him. I mean, I understand from the writer's perspective wanting to draw out the suspense of the reveal as long as possible, but honestly, he knew that everyone thought he wanted to kill Harry. Why would he creepily whisper "only one will die tonight" without explaining, "Oh, not you, don't worry. It's Peter Pettigrew. He's alive. I didn't kill your parents."???

5. Ginny

This is more of a criticism of the writing than the character herself, but it seems like J.K. Rowling decided to pair Ginny with Harry and then tried to retcon her a personality. For the first two books Ginny was a shy, obsessive, cheesy preteen girl. Yes, that's a phase many of us grow out of, but with Ginny she seemed to go overnight from a fawning fangirl to a badass cool kid because she was mainly ignored for the 3rd and 4th books when she was presumably going through all this growth. She just wasn't that compelling of a character until J.K. Rowling thought, "oh, maybe Harry would like to bone her" and only then did she get anything close to interesting. At least it was somewhat pulled off in the books, but in the movies Ginny has less personality than a wet blanket.

And we got this awkward monstrosity of a scene (via yelsaewweasley)

6. Snape

There is nothing romantic about Snape and Lily. He straight up stalked her as a kid and was creepily obsessed with her at school. I'm assuming he complained about being put in the friendzone because that's the kind of guy he was. Also he was totally cool with Voldy killing her husband and son as long as she was spared. What, did he think she'd just run into his arms after that?

undefined "You work for the guy who killed everyone I love and you agree wholeheartedly with his genocidal ideals. Let's bone!" (via fanpop)

Plus, an infatuation with Lily Potter does not excuse YEARS of emotional abuse. He was literally Neville's worst fear and he made Harry's life at Hogwarts a living hell. There was no good reason for Harry to name his son after Snape, unless he wants his son to grow up to be a bitter, spiteful, lonely creep.

And speaking of emotionally abusive authority figures not worthy of being your son's namesake...

7. Dumbledore

I get that J.K. was trying to send a message about the paradoxical power and frailty of love and that's great and interesting, but there's no denying that Dumbledore handled his relationship with Harry terribly. 

undefined"Enjoy the years of abuse and neglect, see you when you're old enough to die for me" (via harry potter wiki)

He was distant with Harry but clearly played favorites to him and his friends which only served to alienate them further from the other asshole magical teenagers that went to Hogwarts. Not to mention the fact that he was completely negligent when a preteen boy was bopping around his school risking his life, who he was actually just training to die at a later date. So, yeah, he's not the genocidal racist dictator that Rita Skeeter made him out to be, but he certainly treated Harry's life like an asset, rather than a human's existence.

8. McGonagall

undefined(via thegiftofthemagi)


I got nothing. This woman is flawless. She should be your favorite character.