Trust us on this one. 


1. That adorable thing you bought (or are selling) on Etsy.


Look at the sad, disillusioned look in his eyes.  Why would you do this to someone you supposedly love?

Via DailyMail


2. A "Clever" T-Shirt


Because he will wear it, and you'll have to be the girl who's dating the guy who wears tacky shirts.  Don't be that girl.

Via The Shirt Shack


3. His and Hers crap.


BRB, barfing.

Via Crazy Photos


4. Anything that could be taken as a hint.


Gym memberships, nose hair trimmers, deoderant... all good ways to tell your guy he's fat, hairy, and smelly.

Via Amazon


5. A chocolate mold of your face.


Congrats, you've found a way to ruin chocolate. 

Via solidsmack