Over Black Friday, Cards Against Humanity ran a special where they offered to send customers actual bullshit -- and 30,000 people* took them up on the offer. CAH made good on their advertising and people have recently begun receiving the pricey poo they forked over their cash for. 

Source: kevin

The card game was selling the poop for $6 a turd and even after game creator Max Temkin tweeted out that it was just you know, shit, people continued to hand over their money. By the end of the day Cards Against Humanity was sold out of bullshit. 

Well done, CAH, you literally accomplished what every company since the dawn of capitalism has been trying to do. 


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And don't worry, if you missed out on buying the bullshit the first time around, you can still snag a piece of poo for triple the price on eBay. I think the economy is gonna be just fine, everybody.

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