We're only 7 days into the new year, but I'm calling it now: the BelfieStick IS the invention of 2015. 

Taking a perfect selfie of your assmeat can be a frustrating process, and we all know that a well-executed butt selfie -- or belfie as the kids are calling them -- is an incredibly skill to master. I mean, how else do you expect to motivate random pervs to leave comments on your Instagram photos???? 


So, just how does this BelfieStick work exactly? Well, it has an adjustable arm to ensure that you get the perfect angle, and like the box says 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Yup, perfect photos of your butt every single time. 

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Need further convincing? Just check out these reviews from real customers who are definitely not made up people who don't exist. 


Now, you could pass on the BelfieStick and take your chances at getting that perfect shot, but do you really want to end up like this girl?