Hey buddy, how ya holding in there? I know you're still bummed about your dad leaving, but since meeting her new friend Steve, your mom is right in that sweet spot between shame and happiness. You know what that means? You can guilt her into buying you a dog! That's right, turn on the water works and talk about how no one can replace you dad, and one of these little guys will be all yours!


 1. Rosie


source: petfinder.com

This gentle yellow lab is depressed, just like you! You'll have so much to bond over already. Maybe her dad left without saying goodbye too! She won't be able to tell you if that's actually true because she's a dog and can't talk, but maybe you can just pretend.

2. Walter


source: atozvetsupply.com

Know what's better than a father's love? PUGS! Ok, maybe not quite better, but pretty damn close. Look at it's squishy face and curly tail! ISN'T IT CUTE?!? Let Walter barely distract you from the crushing loneliness now that your mom is with Steve. Wasn't that a little quick to start dating someone else, Mom? 

3. Ludwig


source: doggyadvices.com

This St. Bernard puppy is so cute you'll almost forget that the pile of leaves he's playing in are the last chore you father completed before taking off in the middle of the night without even leaving a note.

4.  Lily


source: Ryan's girlfriend's fluffy dog

Maybe you want a dog that'll be more active? One that you can take on lonely walks through the woods where your dad used to go hiking with you? Lily is perfect for that! She's an ADORABLE fluffy Bearded Collie that's running towards you and not away from you like your dumb dad. 

5.  Bessie


source: Willie's adorable puppy

Look at this lil girl! Remember when you kept asking your dad to play ball in the backyard and he said that he was busy and to ask him tomorrow morning but when you went to wake him up he was gone? Bessie would never do that. She wants to play outside ALL DAMN DAY.