If you've ever found yourself stuffing your fat face with marshmallow Peeps and thought "If only there was a way I could guzzle Peeps in liquid form" well, you're in luck, my soon-to-be-diabetic friend. Because Prarie Farms is rolling out a line of Peeps flavored milk this Easter. Yes, milk is about to get even grosser than it already is! 

For those of you out there looking to completely flush any possibility of living past the age of 40 down the drain, the new sugar milk (37 gramps per cup) will come in three nauseating flavors: 


Ah, why am I kidding myself?! Chocolate Marshmallow Milk sounds like the nectar straight from God's teat. And with 5 grams of protein and 15 percent of my daily calcium value, you can bet your ass I'll be indulging. For an added treat, throw a couple of Peeps and some Cadbury eggs into a blender with the sugar milk. YOUR HEART IS BEGGING FOR THAT MARSHMALLLOWY GOODNESS. 

Let me put it this way...

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Source: gifbay

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