You'd best pour yourself a big ol' bowl of Lucky Charms while you can, because General Mills is about to take a giant shit in your sugary cereal. Say goodbye to those marshmallows because they're going away... FOREVER. 

That's right, marshmallows, neon berries and any other artificial ingredient found in their cereals is going to be phased out in the name of being healthy. (Contrary to what that rabbit and leprechaun have been telling you, Trix and Lucky Charms are NOT part of a complete and balanced breakfast.)

"We've continued to listen to consumers who want to see more recognizable and familiar ingredients on the labels and challenged ourselves to remove barriers that prevent adults and children from enjoying our cereals," said Jim Murphy, president of General Mills cereal division, in a statement.

I'm going to assume that those consumers are likely parents, because we all know there's not a kid on this planet writing in to General Mills requesting that their Cookie Crisp have less cookies.  The company says that popular brands like Trix and Reese's Puffs will now be made with fruit and vegetable juices and that Trix will have four colors instead of six. A spokesperson for General Mills claims that all of their cereals will be altered (ruined) by 2017, and that "the difference is barely noticeable" (you'll hate it).

 Let us remember these iconic, chemically enhanced, overly sweet cereals as they were in their prime.