1. Grab an existing meme that everyone's extremely tired of, or any screenshot from anything ever

Facebook Memes


2. Lower the resolution until the image reaches the desired shittiness

Joker Meme Low Res


3. Add a black and white photo of someone historical. Was this guy important? Sure.

Historical Meme


4. Throw Kanye in there

Kanye Meme


5. Stretch the new images until they're weirdly out of proportion

Kanye Meme 2


6. Now add some text that simultaneously sounds sarcastic, "street," and vaguely political, like you're revealing some earth-shattering double standard

Umm hello


7. Highlight more than half the words for emphasis.

Emphasis Meme


8. Somehow also ruin the resolution on the text

Blurry Meme


9. Add between 3 and 90 watermarks from other sites that already posted this

Meme Watermarks


10. Finally, have someone Tweet the meme then take a far-away phone pic of the tweet, then post THAT to Facebook. You'll be RACKING UP THE WEIRD LIKES in NO TIME!!!

Best Facebook Meme Ever

BONUS TIP: For Tumblr, just attribute the entire meme to Einstein and you're good to go.