1 Not Being Able to Understand Your Own Parents

Your parents have weird accents that even you don't understand, and there's that weird uncle who only speaks Lithuanian despite having been in America for longer than you've been alive. Being the child of immigrants means your parents have more than once said something dirty at a school function without knowing why. Remember that time when Mom accidentally said "dildo" around children because she thought it meant something else?


2 How Amazingly Extraordinary Normal Things Are

When you're from another culture, normal people doing normal things becomes spectacular! You can't really appreciate a culture known for being bland unless you come from a spicy one. WASPs put ice in their water! They talk about how food tastes as a topic of small talk! They have the luxury of having emotional problems!


3 What a Guilt Trip Really Feels Like

Your parents fought and sacrificed to escape from a hard life of poverty and an oppressive political regime so you could sit in air conditioning playing Fallout 4 all day. It's the guilt trip to end all guilt trips. Jennifer's mother only went through labor for her. Your mother dodged bullets, hid beneath floorboards and gave up a fiance she is no longer allowed to talk to for political reasons then went through labor for you.


4 The True Definition of Good Work Ethic

Lazy is someone who only works 10 hours and doesn't make their work harder than it needs to be. You're not allowed to pay someone else to shovel snow for you, like the American capitalist you so desperately want to become. You have to go outside there yourself and dig with a spoon. Making it easier is cheating.


5 Having Friends Who are Weirdly Racist, But in a Nice Way

Because somehow it's fine if it's your best friend making fun of your weird name or the fact that your mom packed you super smelly food made from a part of an animal that's technically not fit for human consumption. You're used to the unintentional rudeness that comes along with someone asking you questions about "the motherland", or someone referring to it as "the motherland" at all.