Bet you thought that "What color is this dress?" would be the biggest dumb argument the internet would have in 2015, didn't ya? Well, there are stil two full days left in the year, so there's still time for the dress to be kicked off its throne of most idiotic argument of all time. Get ready for a new dumb argument contender...


What's the proper way for a dog to wear pants?

The question popped up on Twitter and Reddit Monday night and swiftly sent a blaze of stupid responses throughout the interwebs. 


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Okay, CLEARLY a dog should only wear pants on its two hind legs. I mean, what kinda weirdo would even think that a dog should wear pants on all four legs?!

And just to settle the debate before it starts, yes, cartoon animals can wear shirts and no pants. I know that it might seem too taboo for people to walk around in public like that, but cartoon animals are just more progressive in that way. 


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What's your opinion? In a world where animals wear clothes, what's the proper attire?