1.Aaron Klinger? @klinging


2. maura quint@behindyourback


3. GoaT FacE ThrillA@EndhooS

GoaT FacE ThrillA EndhooS Wife blows me a kiss from across the room I pretend to catch it I walk over to the window and toss it outside Grow up Karen https:twittercomEndhooSstatus468394791299215360


4. Hallie Cantor @halliecantor


3 Love means never having to say youre sorry but always doing it anyway bc youre terrified theyll leave you 3 https:twittercomhalliecantorstatus660190919543623681


5. Toler Wolfe ?@oswolfe

Toler Wolfe oswolfe my gf is NOT your stereotypical girl she doesnt wear make up or have boobs or a vagina or a face either nope to hands and feet too https:twittercomoswolfestatus675801590557597696


6. Andrew Michaan@AndrewMichaan

Coolest thing to say after casual sex with a nearstranger: And THATS how a baby is made https:twittercomAndrewMichaanstatus679784156323168256