It's a good idea to try and not fall asleep at work -- especially if it's your SECOND day on the job. Reddit user TheOrangeDuke ended up dozing off after only one day of his internship at a tech startup and rather than wake him, his new coworkers did opted for a different approach and took a goofy group photo. 


Once the photo made its way to Reddit it was pretty much a done deal and web joksters did their thing, Photoshopping the already ridiculous photo to make it even more ridiculous. 

Let this serve as a lesson of what can happen should you get caught snoozing at work and the internet finds out. 

1. Take a nap and end up in a bad 80s comedy. 


Source: digitmasterflex

2. Take a nap and end up in a Simon Pegg comedy. 


Source: yourpostasmovie

3. Take a nap and end up as sparkly He-Man. 

Source: blueawning

4. Take a nap and get busted enjoying some Oculas Rift. 


Source: chibolamoo