1. Loves animals

Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton as the Real Hero

When you think of Ramsay Bolton, you gotta think one thing: his love of his pets, particularly his cuddly hounds. When his good pal dies, his first thought is to feed his precious hungry hounds. When his step-mother shows him her new baby (and his new half-brother!), he immediately wants to feed his beautiful hounds. He's always thinking about his animal friends and their needs.

What a sweet nice boy.

2. Respects his father

Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton as the Real Hero

For much of his time onscreen, Ramsay's motives come down to wanting to earn the respect and adoration of his father, Roose Bolton. Since he was born a bastard, he was long known as "Ramsay Snow," as he was not worthy of the Bolton name. But through hard work and perserverance, he was legitimized by Roose himself. He loves his daddy and just wants to show him that he's worthy of the Bolton name - which he does!

Heck, no one knows Roose better than Ramsay - and there's nothing Roose respects more than ambition. So when Ramsay plunges a dagger into his ol' dad, it's basically him giving Roose a big ol' hug.

3. Would do anything for his wife

Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton as the Real Hero

Ramsay loves his wife, Sansa, so dearly that he typically kept her guarded and even locked in her chambers at all times, just to make sure she didn't go far! And when she mysteriously disappeared while he was off battling Stannis Baratheon, he sent a party to find her immediately. And once he discovered she was likely at Castle Black, he sent a letter demanding she be returned to him. If that's not true love, I don't know what is.

Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton as the Real Hero

He's even looking out for her younger brother while she's away! What a sweetie.

4. Takes initiative

Game of Thrones' Ramsay Bolton as the Real Hero

Ramsay's more than just a softhearted gentle doggie-lover though - he's a hardened warrior who's not afraid of being assertive and aggressive when those he loves are threatened. When Yara Greyjoy tried to kidnap his best buddy Theon, he leapt into the fray immediately - even though he didn't have time to put on a shirt! And when the armies of Stannis Baratheon threatened his house's new seat in Winterfell, he took a few fighting men and sneakily attacked them at night to cripple Stannis' forces - and got away, without losing a single man!

Don't try to mess with Ramsay Bolton - he'll do anything for his pals!

5. Gives his pals the tough love they need

Speaking of pals, Theon Greyjoy had a big problem - he thought with his Johnson instead of his brain! And that kind of thinking led to many of Theon's biggest oopsie-daisies - like inadvertently fingering his sister, sleeping with a wildling (that caused him to lose his younger Stark pals, Bran and Rickon), etc. And his new buddy Ramsay saw this, so went to DIRE lengths to help out ol' Theon - he chopped off his troublesome dick, and Theon was so happy with his new circumstances that he and Ramsay became basically inseparable (and Ramsay gave him a fun best friend nickname, Reek)! Out of sheer gratitude, Theon would shave Ramsay, tell him when others plotted against him, and even betray his own people to be flayed!

Ramsay Bolton, just a swell fella.