high school cringepics

Listen - we all feel some level of shame over our high school years. We did stupid things, said stupid things, were into stupid things, and - most importantly - we all looked really, really stupid. We dressed in ways that were awkward, now-dated, and plain ol' cringeworthy. Luckily EVERYONE is in the same boat, so no individual should feel TOO stupid.

But to make us all feel better, here are a few folks who REALLY regretted their teenage years choices:

1. "My Facebook profile picture when I was 17.

Caption: You wanna date my sister? How cute."


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2. "When I was 13, I was really into MLP. I thought I was being mysterious and cool when wearing that mask I made."


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3. "Ahh, 1988. The year my family had the same haircut."


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4. "I took this picture to impress the girl I had a crush on. She was very impressed allright..."


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5. "I should have told my date what I was wearing to prom. Oh well."


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6. "High school was a really bad time for me. They called me lesbian Harry Potter."


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7. "I made a lot of friends on my first day of highschool..."


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8. "Everything had to be red and black, my lunchbox was red and black, my bike was red and black, my stashbox was red and black, my wallet was red and black."


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9. "This is 13 years ago, the hat is my mom's gardening hat. The 'cigarette' is a pen I cut in half to look like a cigarette."


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10. "First day of school junior year. And yes, my boxers were also tie dye."



11. "Matrix inspired outfit i wore to school in 2008"


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12. "When i was 13, I was the dankest in my year, and nobody could tell me otherwise."


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