awesome pumpkin spice latte tweets

Source: @AndyRuther

It's September, and to most of the privileged world whose chief concern is what kind of coffee to drink that morning, that means one thing: the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back. The Pumpkin Spice Latte (or PSL to people who don't have time to type a bunch of additional letters) has become such a target for online jokesters (typicall in the vein of "white girl drink" or about how "basic" it is) that there's a certain stigma associated with it at this point. The joke is so overdone and overblown (seriously, it's just a flavor of coffee, there's nothing to be upset about) that the term "beating a dead horse" doesn't even cover it. Making "pumpkin spice latte jokes" is more basic than posting about drinking them.

Thankfully, some people posting about PSLs (I'm sorry) aren't letting the lame jokes get them down. Go drink whatever coffee flavor you want, people. Even if "pumpkin" is a gross, weird flavor to theme everything around for 3 months.

So go ahead - ignore the dumb jokes and drink whatever you want (even though, objectively-speaking, pumpkin is not a good flavor for anything).