Get ready for a CRAZY article, full of EXPLOSIONS and complaints about MARKETING STRATEGIES that DON'T MAKE SENSE - "The Stupidest Trend in Hollywood is Trailers Inside of Trailers," coming to you as soon as you start scrolling down a little...


The way trailers are distributed has been wildly changed by the advent of the internet - previously, trailers were primarily only seen AT movie theater, before you watch another movie. Nowadays, YouTube is the main way you get your trailer seen by the masses - and it's incredibly effective. Trailers for big movies are regularly rising to the top of Reddit, being shared like crazy across Facebook and Twitter, and dominating movie discussion forums while fans look for any slight hints of what will come to pass in the full film.

Again, people are sharing the YouTube video already because of the quality of the trailer and because it has some interest to them. Other people WANT to watch it to see if the movie will be worth their time. And, at most, trailers are around 2-3 minutes long. As bad as our collective attention spans have gotten, we're able to spend a few minutes watching a whole trailer - which makes it all the more baffling that LOTS of Youtube movie trailers now have trailers FOR THE TRAILER in the SAME VIDEO:

Youtube video isn't the same as Facebook - you're not scrolling through a feed watching autoplaying videos and only occasionally deciding to watch the full thing. When someone clicks on a Youtube link, they're going to watch (at least most of) whatever they clicked on. They don't need to be convinced to watch the trailer AFTER they've clicked on the link. It's like an Xzibit meme come to terrifying life:

Stupidest Trend In Hollywood Is Trailers INSIDE OF Trailers 

Obviously the prime argument FOR the weird 6-second trailers for the trailers is when it serves as an advertisement in front of ANOTHER Youtube video and wants to give you the gist of the trailer so you won't click the 'Skip Ad' button (or at least gives you all the info you need since we all are definitely clicking the 'Skip Ad' button regardless of how interested we might be). The question then becomes - can they seriously not cut a separate trailer for ads than the ones that are uploaded to official channels? Given most big films end up getting 3-4 different trailers and countless re-edits for TV spots, it doesn't seem like they're so hard-up for versions of a trailer that they can't cut a separate version just for ads.

Still, if I've already clicked on the trailer for The Magnificent Seven, I'm probably gonna stick around for a minute or two. At least until Chris Pratt reminds me how weirdly handsome he got all of a sudden.

In summary: It's a stupid thing, movie trailers. Please stop.


On the flipside, it's a really silly trend, but at least it's not as bad as TEASER TRAILERS FOR SLIGHTLY LONGER TEASER TRAILERS THAT WON'T COME OUT FOR A FEW DAYS:


Sidenote: interesting that this really only started happening since Chris Pratt became a big movie star, right? Is Chris Pratt to blame for all of this? Just asking questions.