1. Eliminate the dangerous and annoying side effects


Okay, there's lots of birth control options, but they all have negative side effects. Pills? Put you more at risk for stroke and blood clots. Hormonal birth control? Can be linked to depression and mood swings. IUDs? Still don't know the long-term effects.

2. Make it prevent STDs


Wouldn't it be so cool if a form of birth control ALSO prevented HIV and STIs? Like I'm already using birth control, let's see some other sexual health benefits too!

3. Only have to worry about it during sex


Pills are annoying because you have to remember to take them consistently, birth control shots every few months, patches need to be applied daily, the implant is once every four years BUT OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING UNDER MY SKIN.

4. Have it be easily accessible


Imagine just walking into a drugstore and picking out your preference of birth control and self-checking out. Maybe the birth control could be flavored for funsies? Just spitballing here.

5. Help people discover if they have a latex allergy


This isn't necessary, but I just think it would be nice to find out about an allergy to latex medical gloves before surgery.  

6. Have the person who doesn't have to worry about pregnancy use it


Assuming you are using birth control, for, you know, preventing babies, I'm assuming there's one person with a female reproductive system and the other with a male. So maybe let's give the duty to be diligent about birth control to dude since their mind isn't busy obsessively counting the days from the last period and imagining their vagina tearing open during birth.

So with all these things in mind, I present to you my vision of the future of female birth control: 

Ways to Make Birth Control for Women Better

Oh, it makes sex feel a liiiiiiiittle less good? Nevermind the death side effect of female birth control ... let's go back to that.