Who knew America's lovable basketball playing weirdo Dennis Rodman enjoyed standup comedy? I guess when he's not busy getting his dick broken, the former Chicago Bull enjoys blowing off steam with a 'lil laugh or two.

Well, last week he stopped by a set just in time to catch Canadian comedian John Hastings making his Los Angeles standup debut. We're gonna go out on a limb and say there's absolutely no way in hell he could've predicted seeing this staring back at him in the front row.



But just because you're a super rich, 6'7", 5-time NBA Champion doesn't mean you can do whatever you want, whenever you want

Well, wait.

Actually that's exactly what it means. BUT, there's one exception: when you're interrupting a comedy show that other people have paid good money for. So when it was Hastings turn on stage, he didn't ignore the Bull in the room.

Check out the video below or for more of John's clips, check out his site, Facebook, Twitter, or stop in at a random LA comedy club. Who knows, you might run into another washed up Hall-of-Famer. 

And BONUS: GIF of Rodman getting tipped in the Porta Potty