The internet has helped dating in a lot of ways, but it's also complicated things in bizarre ways no one could have foreseen. Case in point: the tale of one young woman (@priya_ebooks) accidentally going on an OkCupid date with an old man. And not like, "a little bit older" - like MUCH, MUCH older. And while it sounds like an incredibly uncomfortable experience for her, luckily it makes for a perfect Twitter tale:

This Woman's Story About An Unexpected Old Man Date Is Hilarious

Of course, this being the internet, a few people have complained:

...regarding the veracity of her tale.

...regarding her, uh, "ageist" attitude towards being skeeved out by an old guy masking his age in his online profile and then jumping straight to offering oral sex.


Regardless, most people are enjoying the tale and the lessons found within, namely: be wary of any online dating profile that doesn't list the age. And if you're going to be an incredibly old person trying to date someone way way younger than you, be WAY less creepy about how skilled you are with your mouth. PLEASE. PLEASE.

And don't forget to follow @priya_ebooks in case she decides to recount any tales of incredibly bad dates.