All this goddamn Nazi shit got stamped out before, and we will do it again. If you need a little motivation, take a look at some of the people that did it best.

1. This Tank Destroyer who decided the Nazi flag would look a lot better if he stole it and made it his own at Omaha Beach.


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2. These hardass motherfuckers were members of the anti-fascist street gang Red Warriors, known for confronting neo-nazis and skinheads and beating the shit out of them.


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3. This dude giving a Klans member some feedback he goddamn deserves in Auburn, Alabama 1985.


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4. Female snipers of the Soviet Union's 3rd Shock Army, 1st Belorussian Front. Buckle up for this, cause these ladies are bonafide lethal.

The snipers in the picture:
First row - Guard Staff Sergeant, VN Stepanov: 20 kills, Guard Sgt JP Belousov: 80 kills, Guard Sgt AE Vinogradov: 83 kills.
Second row - Guard Lieutenant EK Zhibovskaya: 24 kills, Guard Sgt KF Marinkin: 79 kills, Guard Sgt OS Marenkina: 70 kills.
Third row - Guard Lieutenant NP Belobrova: 70 kills, Lieutenant N. Lobkovsky: 89 kills, Guard Lieutenant VI Artamonov: 89 kills, Guard Staff Sergeant MG Zubchenko: 83 kills.
Forth row - Guard Sergeant, NP Obukhov: 64 kills, Guard Sergeant, AR Belyakov 24 kills.

Total number of confirmed kills: 775. Photo taken in Germany, May 4, 1945 (source)


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5. Folk singer Woody Guthrie with his infamous "This Machine Kills Fascists" guitar in 1943. Peep his hot little ditty Tear the Fascists Down.


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