Today's Twitter round-up is perfectly fine - we're not going to try to oversell you on these tweets. We think they're at least acceptable, if not mildly pleasant. For the moment, these should be enough to satisfy your curiosity for a few brief moments, but we promise nothing more. Enjoy!

1. If that dog isn't named "Pug Giamutti" I'm going to be real upset

2. Millennials, please stop killing the....boob industry?

3. Removing statues is the same thing as forgetting all of history, since most history classes assign you statues to look at instead of books

4. The internet was invented purely to make everyone's dumb thoughts public

5. have a point.

6. Much respect to my commie dads.

7. Getting mad at BuzzFeed articles seems like a good use of your time.

8. Jeff Goldblum is the world's greatest treasure.

9. Mom memes shall hereby be known as "momes." Thank you.

10. Listen, it's 2017, everything sucks, all we have is mattress dominoes.

11. I...can't believe it...

12. Sounds like THIS dog removed a statue!

13. No. No one tell him. It's better this way.