If you guys ever need Photoshop help, maybe ask a friend, or heck -- pay a graphic designer who knows what they're doing. Whatever you do, do NOT ask James Fridman, who is super talented and great at Photoshop buuuut it comes with a cost. The cost of an accurate, non trolly Photoshop job.

He's been doing this for years and continues creating hilarious Photoshop masterpieces just about every week. Check out some of his recent work below or check out his Twitter here.

1. He even changed the face on the cake. A+ attention to detail.

2. Now you're a trendsetter!

3. Roasted.


4. Now it's a full on love-stare.

5. Ya, hey. Nothing wrong with the young chap.

6. A deep cut.

7. The best way to stop a dabber.

8. Problem solved.

9. Now everybody is happy.

10. Took a sec to also notice the added briefcase.

11. Dad is quite happy for a monster.

12. Your new bf should go to a doctor immediately.

13. Don't mess with geese. They have been cardloading for life.

14. A beautiful monstrosity.

15. You now have the non-roundest head in all the land.

16. Honestly, still not a bad tattoo.