School's are microcasms of the real world, and as such, they develop their own personal habits. Anyone who went to school knows that these habits can get...weird. The nice people at Ask Reddit had people share the weirdest fads people had at their school. They're as bizarre as you might hope for. Enjoy! 


1.FatuousOocephalus went to school with some fast food fans. 

Seniors were allowed to leave campus for lunch. One year it was cool to go to Burger King for lunch and wear the cardboard Burger King crown all afternoon. 

2. Emily_Starke's school had a weird way of showing their relationship status.

For a brief period girls who were dating someone made it official by giving them a pair of their knickers, which the guy would then tie to his backpack to show he had a girlfriend. This led to one guy getting in trouble for stealing a pair of his sisters knickers to pretend he had a girlfriend at a different school

3. boatmotor's school had the nerdiest stoners around. 

putting burt's bees under our eyes so it would burn them, make them all red and make us look stoned. it was called beezing.

4. Portarossa's school fought the man using....neck ties? 

Long ties. The longer the better.

Our school had a strict uniform code -- your tie had to be long enough that the fat bit at the front covered the thin bit at the back without you tucking it into your shirt, or you'd get a detention -- as a result of people's ties getting increasingly shorter over the years. When they started cracking down on it, a couple of people in my year began wearing their ties progressively longer and longer until they were almost at knee-level. Within a month, everyone was doing it, from the littluns in Year Seven right through to the people who were getting ready to leave.

When one girl in my year sewed two ties together to make a five-foot monstrosity that trailed on the floor when she walked, the deputy head had a screaming shitfit in the middle of the canteen so mighty that I'm pretty sure there's still a scorch mark on the ceiling


5. Klokken2402's middle school was disgusting. 

In sevent grade someone found out that you can't really feel someone touching your elbow. Afther this people started licking other peopls elbows to see if they noticed.

6. RemoteLlama13 was the Walter White of candies. 

At my Jr. High school in the '70s, there was a black market for those candies called "Now & Laters." People would buy boxes of them at the Zippy Mart near the school, then sell individual candies out of their lockers between classes, at a substantial markup. Price wars got started, fights broke out between competing cartels, and the whole thing imploded when the principal banned all candy at the school. Every locker got searched, and anyone with any candy at all got detention.

7. harambe5643 found a new meaning for the word "Wiping" 

We had a game called 'wiping' where you had to wipe the back of your head with one hand immediately after sitting down. The consequence for anyone who was participating that forgot to wipe was to be slapped in the back of the head, clearly unexpectedly, as hard as possible. This game lasted 2 years and died off after everyone got tired of getting the shit beat out of them.

8. BlorfMonger's school probably had some fresh breath. 

When I was in grade school there was a fad of making your own cinnamon toothpicks. You got a vial of cinnamon oil from somewhere and dipped the toothpicks in it and then let them dry out. Yay, cinnamon toothpicks.

Till one kid decided to dump his oil on some kids corn at lunch time. The kid did not eat it, but the oil ate right through the Styrofoam lunch tray. There was a big crowd of kids ogling this fact, and the principal banned cinnamon oil.


9. Postmade went to school with a bunch of little monsters

The Blowdart game:

Ahh the greatest of fads. Student A would call the name of student B. When student B turned their head student A would make a fake blow dart shot. If student B could cover their neck before they saw the shot they were safe, otherwise they had to drop dead until another student touched their neck and saved them. I remember one time a student was late to class and got shot. They dropped to the floor mid run and no one came to save them until after class. So they just sat on the ground for an entire hour.

10. boojie_ used protection in all the wrong ways. 

Back in high school, kids would take condoms and fill them with ranch dressing then tie them onto peoples locker combinations so they couldn't turn it.

Also, there was another one where kids would take fishing line, one would hold the end and the other would take the lining and start walking down the hall so people would run into it/trip over it.

High school was dumb.

11. violets1017's school was full of sick burns. 

There was a fad where you would scrap a pen super fast on a table and the metal tip would get extremely hot. Then kids would proceed to burn people by poking them in the neck or arm with the pen, like a cigarette burn. Also, rubbing an eraser on the back of ur hand till your skin peeled/burn.


12. CometFuzzbutt's found something worse than Bit Coin

Trading pencil lead as a form of currency after trading cards got banned. Kids would sharpen pencils, snap the lead off of them and then trade that for other goods.

Worked pretty well for half a month, then died when some kid bought a 200 pack of pencils and caused runaway inflation

13. discodancingbat's school had their own version of the cinnamon challenge. 

In high school we used to play a game called big red. Which was taking a stick of big red gum (cinnamon flavored gum in stick form if you are not familiar) chew the gum, then lick the wrapper and stick it to your forehead. Whoever could stand it the longest won. It burned like hell and left a big red rectangle on your forehead. Looking back, I realize now that there was no true winner in this game..