Not all facts are as SFW as a Snapple Fact or as eloquent as a Neil deGrasse Tyson tweet. Some facts are nasty and gross but we should love them just the same. Here's some gross-ass info for your gross-ass selves.

1. eaterofdog -- Why you so nasty, hagfish?

A 12 inch long hagfish will turn an entire five gallon bucket of water into thick slime in one minute.

2. kzig -- Every year I dump two packs of Q-tips in the ocean in hopes it finds the blue whales. 

Blue whales can have as much as 250g of earwax per ear - this forms into plugs that are up to 25cm in length. As they have no means of extracting the earwax, it accumulates over their entire lifetime. 

The wax secreted is a light colour when the whale's diet is high in fat, and darker during the season when the whale is migrating or fasting. It forms alternating layers that can be counted to estimate the age of the whale, just like the rings on a tree stump.

3. ErisDraconequus -- Gotta get smaller clothes once you poop that thing out. 

If you are really constipated, you could have 10 pounds of poop in your colon.

4. Ahh gross and horrible, but interesting nonetheless. 

After a pregnant woman dies, the gases that form inside of her decomposing body can exert enough pressure to push the baby out.

This is called a coffin birth.

5. Bardfinn -- It all makes sense now. 

That the portion of the brain in humans that is responsible for feelings of disgust goes quiet / is suppressed relative to the rest of the brain when a human becomes sexually aroused. 

Now you know why disturbing sexual fetishes exist.

6. penguins2946 -- Penguins, no. 

When penguins get depressed, they kill themselves.

7. timemachinebandit -- For such beautiful creatures, they sure are secretly fucked up. 

Butterflies drink the blood and tears of their enemies.

8. Tups- -- Whaaat. 

When a baby girl is born, she can have a menstruation a week or two from the birth due to the fact that the mother's hormones are still in action in her tiny body.

9. TheatreHooligan -- Giraffes drink piss y'all. 

Male giraffes will hit their heads into a female giraffes crotch to make them pee. Once the female giraffe pees, the male drinks it to test if she's fertile. Also this part isn't disgusting, but more interesting. Giraffes have such a long gestation period that 90% of giraffe sex is male on male.

10. grumpyckles -- Think of them as your eye friends. 

11. ThatScruffyLookinGuy -- Meerkats, this is fucked up and must stop. 

Heard something on QI the other night, not really disgusting but pretty disturbing all the same. They said that Meerkats push their children out into roads to test that there are no cars before they cross the road themselves.

12. I am not brave enough. Good luck, people who are.

Some tumors, known as teratoma, can grow teeth, hair, and bone, "and, very rarely, more complex organs or processes such as eyes, torso, and hands, feet, or other limbs."

If you're feeling either brave or inquisitive (or both), here are the google image search results.