Whether you slept with your best friend's older sister or spanked the monkey for 6 hours in a row, we want to know all the dirty confessions you have to offer! 

The people over at /r/Askreddit are always ready to share their best kept sexrets and we're always ready to read about secret sex scandals. 

If you can top any of these taboos, then we're definitely impressed with your sexual prowess!

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1. ZeekOwl91 gets handsy: 

I fingered my gf while we were in a bus. The bus was quite full, and she was the one who dared me to try something naughty, and she almost got us caught too!

2. POOP_MANIAC is a collector: 

My buttplug collection. I've got 25 unique plugs.

3. OhhhValencia is living a sex dream: 

I joined the kink community in my city recently. It's literally the best thing that's happened in my life for a decade. I've made a ton of super nice, interesting friends, I'm super happy all the time, I'm losing weight because I'm practicing knots and am too distracted to eat.

I learned all the rules/values/etiquettes (the kink community is surprisingly wholesome and responsible), started going to meetings and was accepted very quickly. A few of my older play partners have nicknamed me "the prodigy" for my advanced level of kinkiness and pain tolerance despite this only being my 2nd month. I was basically made for it.

I'm already coordinating kink art projects as well as all sorts of fun play dates. I get spanked or tied up at least twice a week. The parties are OFF THE HOOK and completely alcohol and drug free. I love being able to have an amazing time without getting wasted. They do fundraisers for various charities all the time, so I'm doing good. I've also gotten business leads from networking through the community.

Two days ago I had a MMF threesome...two men all to myself...And then the next day...back to work as usual! I'm making photocopies of some dumb contract while having crazy sexy flashbacks of doing something I never would have predicted would happen. I feel like a goddess!

I'm so proud of this and am at a seriously high level of life satisfaction. I live with my parents and just started my first professional, serious person job. All of this is a complete secret, obviously. I have to dial down my response to "How are you doing?" Because people would want to know more if I said "UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE." My parents think I'm depressed and broody because I constantly have my door locked or I'm going out when they're getting in. Really, I'm just having the time of my life.

(As a side note: everything I'm doing is safe, safe, safe. Again, the organised kink community is extremely responsible and respectful. Get a mentor like I did if you're interested in getting involved.)

TLDR: Got my freak on, am now living the dream.

Naughty Sex Secrets People Would Never Admit IRL

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4. KEEPCARLM bowls a strike: 

I once went bowling with 2 other couples and my own GF. (so 3 guys, 3 girls including me and my GF at the time)

I had slept with all 3 girls there.

5. TheActualAWdeV went there: 

Sucked my own dick.

6. regular_guy1 scores a MILF:

I recently brought a milf(50) home from the bar and had sex in the grass of the golf course behind her house, because her kids were inside. I'm 21.

Edit: she has a pussy piercing

7. toadfan64 goes for the gold: 

I masturbated and finished 7 times in a day once.


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8. MGLLN moves fast: 

Got my dick sucked dry by a girl within ten minutes of fucking meeting her

I don't know how I did it, but I've only told one friend. Would like to tell more people/friends but idk if they'd believe something so random.

Edit: lol I didn't even get her name or number. This happened recently and I'm still kicking myself lmao

9. wafflehousewhore goes out to eat: 

I once went to dinner with a girl I was dating at the time and her mom. The restaurant was packed, we ended up taking one of the last available tables. I fingered the girl under the table. Pretty sure the mom knew, as the girl dropped her silverware twice and kicked the table once. She was trying her best not to make a sound, but let out a slight peep a couple times. The first time, the mom looked at her confused, then kind of looked at me, and I shrugged unassumingly. The second time, the mom cut her eyes sharp at her, then looked at me and kind of grinned, and I sort of let a little bit of a grin slip back at her. She never said anything about it, but I'm pretty sure she knew what was going on.

10. emp_omelettedufromag slept with the stars: 

I've had sex with a few pornstars. A couple of them do escorting at a relatively acceptable price and a few years ago I decided to indulge

I don't know how to describe it. Best experience in my entire life. They literally made me discover a new level of pleasure in sex. I'm a pretty vanilla guy (didn't do anything out of the ordinary with them) but holy crap this is something I obviously won't talk about in public but it rocked my life in so many ways. An incredible experience for sure

11. Meborg gets a package delivered: 

I once shagged a girl who worked in post delivery. While I was signing the delivery she said something in my house smelled nice. I had just made coffee and wanted to offer her a cup, so I said 'I know, you wanna come in?', which she did. She grabbed my crotch within 10 seconds and then my brain went 'fuck it, let's do this I guess!'. She didn't get to drinking any coffee though :(

12. Qubeye feels vindicated: 

My ex kisses the guy she left me for with the same tongue she used to stick up my ass.

It's a secret pride that makes me happy.

12. Supersnazz loves the beach: 

once fingered a chick on the beach without even talking to her. I just looked at her, she sort of nodded, we started kissing, I fingered her, she grabbed my cock and started rubbing. Then we parted ways after 3 minutes or so.

If you are out there unidentified beach girl from 1996, I thank you.

14. Cyanide_Sunrise put a woman to sleep: 

I used to give my ex orgasms so hard that she would pass out for up to 2 minutes or so mid-coitus



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15. RepostResearch gets back at his ex: 

My highschool girlfriend cheated on me. The night everything came to light everyone hated her for it. Ended up sleeping with her sister, and her 2 best friends (separately) over the course of about 12 hours the next day.