High school is a shitty time filled with zits, raging hormones, insane emotions and uncontrollable boners.

That's why every school tends to have a story about "that thing Dustin did last year that got all baguettes banned from the school premises" or something tragically more sinister. 

So, what's your Dustin story?


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1. iVikingr

A few kids stole a propane tank and locked themselves in a garden shed to sniff the gas. Then one of them decided to light a cigarette, blowing the shed to smithereens. Fortunately nobody died, but some of them had to be hospitalised for a long time.

2. bridgetgoes

Someone spray painted "school is buns" on the clock tower.

     scott-k: Why

          WalkingOranges: Cause school is buns


When I was in Primary School (For you no English that's 3 to 11 years old) there was an older kid, I say older but he was just 11. Anyway, he arranged a great escape. The school play ground linked to the teachers car park through a big ass field we wasn't allowed on. From the car park you could climb a gate to get out. So, on the day a break time the kid sounded a whistle (No joking) like a war horn and about 300 children sprinted across this field to freedom. Some kids just running for the hell of it, some following out noble leader like me. Teachers sprinted out, grabbing us and forming lines to stop us. About a dozen of us got through and made it to the car park, but a few teachers were there having cigarettes so they tried stopping us. I was caught meters from the gate and saw all but one child hop it. The older guy. He was chased by the history teacher but got back home and spent the rest of the day playing video games.

He's in jail for murder now


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4. DankMemesBlake

All of the bathrooms got closed in seventh grade because a kid smeared poop on the stall of one bathroom

5. EllieBellie42

High school: a boy's dead body was found in a rolled up wrestling mat in the school gym. The town spilt in half over whether or not it was a freak accident or foul play. This was almost five years ago, and it's still unresolved. A few peoples lives have been ruined from false accusations and the victim's family can't find peace or the answers they want.

6. malevolentheadturn

School trip to Russia in the early 90s. The Maths teacher beat up a taxi driver. All the kids ran riot, they stayed in a hotel that had one of the floors sealed off, which turned out to be a knocking shop [brothel]. One of the students fell in love with a hooker, went mad and had to be drugged by a doctor to get him to the airport when they were leaving. Our school never did international trips again.

Edit: I just woke up to see this comment took off. Thanks for gold stranger. Little more Detail we were from Ireland, our Maths teacher was a black belt in taekwondo, taxi driver tried to scam him and then pulled a knife on him, two senior students joined in. Ages of students from 14 to 18. It was a complete shit show of a trip.

A few people don't believe this story, which is unfortunate. But it did happen I'm afraid. O'Connells CBS school Dublin Ireland 1992/3

7. SheZowRaisedByWolves

A kid took a bunch of magic mushrooms and ran around the halls at lunch in his undies. A horde of campus security and coaches were chasing him until they cornered him on the bed of someone's truck. They were at a standoff and the kid was yelling, "come any closer and the briefs come off". A coach managed to sneak behind the kid from another parked truck and tackled him off.


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8. fire_works10

Student was sleeping with a teacher. Parents sent student to another school. As soon as student turned 18, transferred back to our school. Student and teacher eventually married and have kids...this was in the early 90s and I think they are still together.

Edit: It wasn't Mary Kay Letourneau.

Edit#2: Also wasn't President Macron. Male teacher, female student, Canadian school. I think the student was around 15 when it started and the teacher was mid to late 20s.

9. weedful_things

For several months running, some kid would piss on the radiators a couple times a week. It was horrid.

10. kbyethen

The art teacher delivered a students baby in the library one day, girl didn't even know she was pregnant.

11. boyvsfood

Super weird story, but some random facebook account popped up, threatening to shoot up the school if this one girl didn't fess up for something she had done. No one knew who it was, and the girl allegedly had no idea what she was supposed to fess up about.

The threats continued, and the facebook account started posting naughty videos/pictures she had taken, censoring the nudity, but giving people an idea that he had intimate contact with the girl.

The school ended up going on Xmas break like 3 days early while the school district tried to figure how to move forward. There was a town hall meeting that a parent brought a gun to, which created quite a stir. Feds kept looking into it. Arrests were made, but each student was released on lack of evidence.

The facebook account progressed to basically taunting authorities that couldn't catch him. I think the height of it, my wife and I were at red robin one night, and the account posted that it heard the girl was at the mall across the street, and that a lot of people were about to die. From Red Robin, we watched the authorities converge onto the mall. The girl wasn't there, and neither was a guy with weapons of any sort.

The facebook account ceased activity at a certain point after an admission that he was some guy in Minnesota or something that just picked a random school, girl, and town to fuck with.

A few months ago, an arrest was finally made, and it was some dude in California. But man....it took forever for them to crack that case.

12. Cleopike

Kid brought a gun to school in middle school. School went into lockdown while the kid was going through the halls banging on doors. Planned on shooting people but brought the wrong bullets for his gun. Ran outside and got tackled by police. Now he works at McDonald's and does tattoos from a kit.

13. jasonwarth0816

This kid my junior year poked the head of his dick out of his pants during the football pictures. No one noticed till the yearbooks came out and he was almost charged as a sex offender. Made national news.

14. bittytits

I went to a military boarding school. A kid (A) who got into UCLA (IIRC) with a scholarship got into a fight with this other kid (B) over A's girlfriend. A was dismissed from the school, which was a synonym for expelled. For whatever reason B was allowed to stay. After he received the news, A went around saying goodbye and giving hugs, then went to the top floor of a dorm during our free hours and jumped head first to his death. It was very tragic and very hushed by the academy.

15. macnerd93:

Some of these stories are shocking and unreal.

Meanwhile at my school the only interesting thing to ever happen is that a dog once got inside and was running up and down the corridors and everyone was petting it. I attended just a pretty small town school in rural Yorkshire, UK.


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