Gleaming and gnawing, filled with connective tissues, nerves, and blood. The roots twisting and turning in your soft, pink gums and, eventually, they'll become loose and fall out, one by one, escaping their fleshy, moist prison. 

Yes, we're talking about them pearly-whites: your teeth. 

Most people don't think twice about teeth or going to the dentist. After all, it's something you've been taking care of since the first day those odd suckers popped into your mouth. 

But if you really think about denistry, you'll see it's actually a FUUUUUCKIN' nightmare. 

All those gleaming instruments prying open your mouth, the high-pitched whine of metal on enamel. A masked doctor pokes and prods at your teeth and gums until you can taste hot iron blood drooling out of your mouth uncontrollably.  

Legally, it's not torture, it's healthcare, and those weird mouth bones are just another part of the body, but some people may beg to differ, and you may be one of them after you get through this gallery. 

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1. They're growing everywhere, mommy. 


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2. It gets mad when you don't brush your teeth. 


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3. You can practically hear this gif. 

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4. Silent screams fill the whole room.


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5. *runs tongue along roof of mouth*


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6. This will only hurt if you don't sit still. 


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7. *Inhales deeply*



9. Can you feel it on your tooth?


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10. Adult teeth patiently waiting for the babies to fall out. 


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11. Why so serious?

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12. "The tooth child is hungry."


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