Is it too early to call? Perhaps. But the arguing American Chopper meme has rocketed into the meme scene and is turning Twitter heads left and right. Does it have MOTY potential?

The meme has been around awhile, the first iteration dating back to around 2011, according to Know Your Meme. So it's seasoned. It's been around the block. It's outlasted dozens of Spongebob memes that can only make it a week. Here's to hoping we continue seeing American Chopper memes for years to come.

1. Let the memes play

2. It feels like I have this argument once a month with somebody


viz floozyesq

3. We need someone to break the meme monotony and these angry men are the two to do it

4. This is an important dialogue to have, and I'm glad we are having it

5. Fellas, fellas why can't we just build choppers like the good old days


via SlayerRules_420

6. Wow this made me smile 


8. Don't even get me fucking started on Nermal

9. You knew someone had to do this

10. Clap clap clap clap



11. Tina you fat lard come get some shit ass food

12. Christ Almighty alright I'm just gonna steal this now

13. I'm a Virgo what do I do

14. The bond a family shares conquers over all arguments

15. Clever girl

16. Catchin wit like a snitch

17. Just fuckin kill me then