The life of a single person can be a fun one -- you get to meet all sorts of new people, try new things, do whatever you want essentially -- but it can also be TERRIFYING. The people you may meet might be insane, the new things you try may be horrifying and the bad memories may stick with you forever. These 15 people had super shitty dates and I don't think they'll be forgetting them any time soon.

1. slyhobo -- Hope you put him in timeout for this. 

I think I was like 17 or 18 at the time. We were fooling around, he starts sucking on my nipple and says (in a baby voice) "baby wants his milky"

2.  Thats_XCom_Babyyy -- I'd love to know how the remainder of that 'date' went. 

Girl told me within 15 minutes of our first meeting that she was having sex with a married coworker and her favorite part was seeing him cry in guilt after it was over.

3. telestrial -- That is one confident catfish. 

I once got catfished on Tinder. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Here's the catch: this person had me meet them and acted as if they were not a different person. One of the craziest experiences of my life.

4. JasStone -- Well that's shitty. 

Had a Tinder date and the guy brought his gf and asked for a threesome without saying a word about it in advance.

5. PMurthongforscience -- At least you made a friend. 

  1. She was so wrapped up in her phone that she didn't notice I had moved over and started a conversation with some other guests.
  2. Asked if she could bring a friend to feel safe, completely understandable and I was fine with it, brought her best friend and her date, both girls ignored us pretty much all night and we left without them. He turned out to be a pretty cool guy though and invited me to join for weekend football where I made even more friends.

6. ScurryKlompson -- This one is just sad. 

A girl I had been seeing for a couple of weeks or so asked me to go with her to a funeral of some guy I didn't know. What I didn't expect was that the funeral was for her fiance. Got out of there real quick once I realized why everyone was shooting me glares the whole time. I was the side bitch.

7. Quiet_Oracle -- NO. No bathroom allowed. You will piss your pants and LIKE IT. 

She seemed nice, but when the dinner started, she was controlling as fuck. She tried to order my drink, told the waiter what I'd be eating (I was astonished by her audacity), and tried to make me ask permission to go to the bathroom.

I humored her and asked, and she gave me permission. I just went out through the employee exit through the kitchen, got in my car and left.

8. hraefin -- Tbf, she warned you. 

I went on a Tinder date with this one girl who's bio said something like, "you won't like me, I'm a disaster." (spoiler alert, she was right) But she was pretty attractive so we went to get tea at a local hipster joint. She was obviously depressed. She told me about her hyper-competent other personality that she sometimes slips into and how her current life goal was to move several states away from her family and work at a gas station (even though she was a senior bio major). 

As the date was ending she freaked out, saying that she forgot her backpack in her last class but doesn't have a car to get back (apparently her mom dropped her off and then went home... half an hour away in the subburbs). So I took her to get her back pack. Then she told me that she needed me to drive her to her house because it was late and no bus was running out there. So I drove her half an hour back to her parent's house in the subburbs. On the way she told me that she actually has a boyfriend but sometimes likes to "see what's out there" and that this what our date was. Oh and she also is pretty sure she's a lesbian but likes the power involved in getting a guy to like her. 

For some reason we never saw each other again.

9. Goldenlancer -- I like to imagine every person this guy dates gets a fun nickname. 

Beehive girl.

She had a Marge Simpson hairdo. About 18 inches high. She was an actor and couldn't understand why roles would demand she cut her hair, so she turned them down.

I went on 3 dates with her just to hear her stories. She was totally oblivious SHE was the problem. It was like I was watching a soap opera or something. But she was serious.

10. Chuggy_G -- ...Creepy. 

I had a guy ask me out on a date, and he suggested a Japanese restaurant I liked. After I ordered, the server asked him what he wanted, and he said he wasn't hungry. I asked him if he wanted to wait until he was hungry, but he said nah, he just wanted to watch me eat. I laughed nervously, thinking it was a joke, but his expression said he wasn't joking.

The sushi was good though.

11. Musicferret -- An interesting fetish, I suppose.

My ex in HS asked me to shave every last hair on my body. Like, everything except for my eyebrows. I refused so she dumped me. She is now married to a guy with alopecia. No joke.

12. Durlug -- Ouch. Most definitely being used. 

I was very new to the city and ended up setting up a date with a girl off Tinder. I spent a lot of time looking into cool bars and suggested a bunch to her, but she ended up really wanting to go to a certain bar, like would not take no for an answer. I looked it up, it looked okay, nothing really that special. I figured she had some sort of thing with the people who worked there where she could "escape" if the date went bad.

Fast forward to the date, its going really well, shes absolutely gorgeous and the conversation is really easy. I bring up the choice of the bar and why she was so adamant on this one. She said her ex-bf works here, that throws me off, but I figured they broke up awhile ago and now are just friends. So I question further asking how long ago they broke up and she tells me 2 weeks ago, and that he is currently our bartender. I look over at the bar, and this massive 280 pound guy is giving me the biggest death stare. I was wondering all night why he was being a dick to me...now I understood.

Got out of there pretty quickly after that.

13. dingu-malingu -- "Hi there." "Well then, bye!" 

I once went on a date where I probably said like five words.

Girl just talked for over an hour and a half, without ever including me in the conversation. Just reminisced, complained, and bragged about her life for over ninety minuets straight. I was so taken a back that I just kind of drove home wondering if that experience was real or not.

14. my_Favorite_post -- What the fuck. How do you go about eating after that?

I was 17, my boyfriend was 20 or 21. We were out to dinner at a fancy place with his parents.

He loudly turned to me and said "by the way, since you won't sleep with me*, I'm fucking other girls."


That dinner became incredibly awkward after that.

*I was a virgin and wasn't ready yet.

15. GinjaDiem -- Perfectly played. 

This guy went on and on about how he hated promiscuity and "whores."

Later on that night, he tried to go up my shirt and touch my breasts. I stopped him and said, "I thought you hated promiscuity..."