It's pretty clear that what happens in Russia doesn't stay in Russia. We gotta admit, we're okay with that, otherwise, we wouldn't have all these delightfully strange and downright confusing pictures that give us a real sense of what's going on in the motherland. Between taking selfies with giant bears wearing babushkas and drinking straight-up propane we're impressed that an average day in Russia looks like a PCP party on steroids. 

That being said, we'll probably just admire it from afar while we enjoy a shot of vodka in their honor. Nostrovia!

1. A romantic dinner for one. 


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2. This is what the Russian version of HBO and honestly, it looks pretty good. 


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3. Sir, we're gonna have to give you a ticket. Your taillight is a uh, well. It's a pig. 


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4. When you don't have time to smoke a group hookah but you crave that peachy flavor.


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5. This seems good and safe for people of all ages!

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6. Just studying for finals lol.


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7. Ain't no party like a Russian party 'cause a Russian party is LIT. 


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8. You play violin for bear, yes? You sit in cage on old tower and play while they dance, yes?


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9. Poor Dan.


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10. What a lovely wedding tradition, just don't let ol' gammy one-eye participate. 

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