In honor of Pride Month, we wanted to hear from our LGBTQ+ readers, so we posed asked some questions on Twitter and shared our favorite responses. Enjoy! 

Growing up, you can realize you're different LONG before you're ready for everyone else to know. After that, you try to do whatever you can to hide it from the world, and the results are often hilarious in hindsight because the truth is that most people probably already know. For this reason we posed the following question to Twitter: 

Below are some of our favorite answers: 

1. Sometimes you can't even hide who your are in fiction: 

2. A mistake pretty much everyone makes: 

3. Honestly, you don't need to be trans to regret a bad beard:

4. At least he grew out of his basic white girl phase: 

5. Apparently, we have a master of disguise on our hands: 

6. Poor Kevin, but it's true: 

7. This sounds like an LGBT+ version of an Olsen Twins show: 

8. Relatable: 

9. Because kissing your cousin was less embarassing: 

10. Not everyone goes subtle with it: 

If you have stories of your own, head on over to Twitter or share them in the comments below because we'd love to hear them. Happy pride everyone!