Born this way means born this way. When you're LGBTQ+, you're LGBTQ+ for your entire life, even if you don't necessarily realize it yet. It can make you do some things you don't understand at the time, but looking back they make total sense. That's why I posed this question on Twitter: 

Below are our favorite responses. Pleas enjoy all these things that being queer can do to people who don't yet realize it: 

1. It can affect your anxiety: 

2. It can change how you play:

3. It can make you have VERY specific tastes: 

4. It can influence your spending habits: 

5. It can affect you friendships:

6. It can make you wanna change you name: 

7. It can mess with your logic: 

8. It can influence your taste in music: 

9. It can affect your social life: 

10. Of course, sometimes it should have been obvious: