Sometimes you're in the mood to relax with a little something from your dealer but your money is a liiiittle tight. That is when you have to improvise. Look around you. Find something, anything that is barter-able. These people came up with some nifty solutions and got exactly what they needed.

1. If only weed was legal, I could see this becoming an actual thing.

for over a decade i had a "grass for grass" deal with my guy. i cut his grass once a week for a couple grams. he just really hated mowing the lawn.

Sempais_nutrients /

2. Always have some pizza on hand in case of scenarios like this.

When my friends & I went to pick up $10 worth of weed (We were broke high schoolers) we got 2 Little Caesar's pizzas before we went to our dealer. We ate about half the pizza waiting for our dealer to come out & when he did he jumped into the back seat where the pizza was. He saw the pizza & got super excited & said "y'all got pizza?!" With his eyes wide on the box. My friend told him "yeah we'll give you the rest for $20 worth of weed." He said yes & gave us the weed & took the pizza. So we got $10 worth of extra weed for $3 worth of pizza

pauljohn408 /

3. "I was 16" say no more. We know your decision.

A girl once offered to show me her boobs for 5 bucks off of her weed. I was 16, I said yes. Worth it.

-erton_B_Dan /

4. Grinch tryin' to get high over here.

Someone else's stolen Christmas presents. We made him put them back.

Bboyle2  /

5. Tempting.

A punch card to a local sandwhich shop that had 9 punches and just needed one more for a free sub

rulesforrebels /

6. I mean..ok, kinda good job son?

Not a drug dealer, but I once found a bag of weed in the high school parking lot and some kid I was with said, "I'll give you my Xbox 360 with the games for that"

Uh yeah dude sure I was going to throw it away anyways. 

And that's how I got my first gaming console. 

My parents asked where I got it and I told them the truth and they were like "huh... I mean... sure...?"

UrBrotherJoe /

7. You know you have a problem when you're trading your actual school for drugs. 

This was in the 90's. A school near me was going through some major renovations-- they were practically going to be built again from the ground up. Anyways, a district administrator tried to trade one of those big outdoor school signs for some cocaine.

phosphophyIIite /

8. Strangely heartwarming?

I dealt small amounts of various drugs in addition to tending bar while in college. One of the Mexican kitchen guys wanted a bunch of Ecstasy (~$350 USD) and I obtained it for him. When it came time to pay up he said he only had $100 but he'd get the rest to me in a week or so. I was having a Super Bowl party that I had invited everyone to and a few days later he asks if he could work off the balance by catering the event. I agreed and assumed he would flake, but homeboy showed up 30 min early with some of the most fire Tex Mex food imaginable. Trays upon trays of anything you could think of. It was unreal, and probably cost him more than he owed me. It was a big reason we served Tex Mex at my wedding, because I knew a guy who could throw down. His catering company did a great job that day, but he did an even better job as one of my groomsmen.

LookatitOmar  /

9. A good PB&J is priceless.

I traded a PB&J for pot once. My dealer was hungry and I had a packed lunch.


10. That textbook? Economics 101.

I traded a textbook from a class I took to my dealer for weed when I was in college. He was going to be taking the class the next semester so it was a win-win for both of us.

-eDgAR- /

11. Who are these saintly dealers?!

I take RSO for my pain and shits expensive. My dealer is a wonderful lady, since money was low, she gave us the opportunity to "earn" some stuff. In order to "earn" it we had to take any old purses we had, fill it up with some toiletries like pads, tampons, soap, toothbrush ect and give them out to homeless women in the area.

pvzman /

12. This wonderfully beautiful garden brought to you by: Drugs.

In college I had a buddy whose house we would always hang out at. He sold all sorts of stuff. The best offer he ever got was from this 50 year old life long junky woman. She was a landscaper in her better days, and once she ran out of money she started offering my friend plants. He rolled with it, and a few months later he had a beautiful garden in his Back yard. She even dug a pond and made a koi pond. Pretty good deal for both parties involved. And a win for us friends too because we got to chill and smoke and an awesome backyard.

Yoinkie2013 /