Sometimes the most minor of annoyances can bring out the biggest amount of inner rage. I don't know why, but it's basically science that when you see some of this shit, you clench your teeth and turn into an angry miser. So buckle up and prepare to be mildly furious.

1. People who take up all the seats doing this.

mildly infuriating: sleeping ></p>
<h5 style=zarosen19 /

2. This packaging made of LIES.

mildly infuriating: marker  package bullshit

Angel_Muffin /

3. Robots will never take over the world, because look how dumb computers are sometimes.

mildly infuriating: stupid computer

iamdtp /

4. This one I almost give a pass to because that cheese strip is so comically small that it makes me genuinely laugh.

mildly infuriating:

mazzano /

5. Eat that person's ass, building. Do it.

mildly infuriating: assymetry

GoingTable /

6. People who do this at the gym can also eat an ass.

mildly infuriating: leaving weights out

HuskerDue /

7. This shipper promised discreet packaging smh

mildly infuriating

crueltyfreecutie /

8. People like this should not be allowed on airplanes.

mildly infuriating: hair covering plane screen

berserkJoeReddit /

9. Whoever does this at movie theaters. C'mon people.

mildly infuriating: movie theater mess

Microwave1213 /

10. This dumb sign.

mildly infuriating: stupid sign

KarlyMarx69 /

11. And this non-dairy dairy creamer.

mildly infuriating: non-dairy coffee creamer contains milk

 TheBambooStick /