These people tried to spew FALSE NEWS and got their own poo poo flung straight back in their face. And if there's one thing worse than a person with egg on their face, it's a person with actual shit on their face. 

For their crimes, we sentence them to a thousand years in prison for being annoying little turd slingers.

1. And he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling SJWS!

karmic justice: racists not welcome

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2. Did you know that you can say whatever you want but science is still right 100% of the time?

karmic justice: bad vaccine science

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3. Children and adults should be separated at all times!

karmic justice: literal interpretation

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4. It took him a whole month to copy and paste this image. 

karmic justice: amazing art

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5. And this is why you shouldn't lie on Yelp reviews. 

karmic justice: fucked up yelp review

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6. I don't think this person has a daughter. 

karmic justic: reddit plagiarism

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7. You seem to be a man of many faces, friend. 

reddit karmic justice

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8. If I'm nice enough to show you a picture of my dick that you didn't want, you OWE me a relationship.

karmic justic: classic nice guy fb moves

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9. This cat is better travelled than most of America. 

karmic justic: questionable cat story

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karmic justic: facebook guy miraculously breaks world record

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11. Oooh, sorry to break it to you but you ARE a human and therefore live by human standards. 

karmic justic: facebook burn

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