If you've ever wanted to feel like the next Nikola Tesla, then you've come to the right place. These people won't just make you feel smart, they'll make you question how anyone can survive with a brain made out of turkey sandwich.

But hey, medical marvels happen all the time, so good for them for stickin' with it. 

1. Oh honey, no. No it can't. 

social media morons: can be hung as a square OR a rectangle

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2. The point has been missed.

social media morons: frankenstein the body builder

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3. Literally wut.

social media morons: space force vs nasa

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4. Susan, get your goddamn shit together. 

social media morons: front, read and side views...of herself

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5. Why do we even NEED polio vaccines when polio doesn't exist!

social media morons

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6. Put the pieces together, Ron. We know you can do it. 

social media morons: literal definition of taxi service

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7. BRB, someone just knocked on my door. 

social media morons: doesn't get knock knock jokes

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8. Wow, this pill tastes like candy!

social media morons: it's definitely drugs

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9. No, this is Patrick. 

social media morons: wrong number

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10. Come on Christian. Just think about it for a second

social media morons: yea CHRISTIAN

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social media morons: choosy beggar

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12. How dare you take care of yourself!

social media morons: anti-seizure medication is merely a crutch

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13. Oooooh, sexy!

social media morons: bird leaf?

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