funny tweets: rick and morty condom

Twitter can be a rough place - there's lots of harrassment, Nazis, threats, and general arguing and drama that you find in most places online. But also? Some pretty funny people, making some pretty funny tweets. Here are some of the best ones lately:

1. Well I do, but that's probably why I don't get invited to parties: 

2. Does that mean we get to die in 7 days?:

3. #Relatable: 

4. I would watch this show: 

5: Don't get me started on the lyrics for "Grease Lightning":

6. Smarter than anything Elon Musk has uttered: 

7. Daily affirmation: 

8. I doubt this will anger anyone: 

9. Nobody thinks of the consequences when they say, "I'm gonna wreck it": 

10. Classic Moms: 

11. It's Uncanny...

12. I'm already crying: