Get ready for some wholesome chuckles from two nice dudes who one simple dream: to become a couple of McDonald's Poster Models.

Buddies Jevh and Christian were muchin' some Snack Wraps at McDonald's one day when they realized that every poster of happy, smiling, Big Mac goblins were mainly white people, with absolutely no Asians represented at all. As two Asian burger boys, they could not let this stand. So, obviously, they decided to take a picture of themselves, (of course photoshopped to look like the other posters hung around the establishmen) slap the famous golden arches in the corner, get it printed on a giant, professional poster board and hang it up on a blank wall at their local McD's.


via Jevholution

But, HOW DID THEY DO IT without getting caught? Ever heard of a little something called Master of Disguise? 

And NO ONE NOTICED. Now, these guys can sit under a poster of themselves enjoying fries and a burger WHILE THEY EAT FRIES AND BURGERS. It's a totally innocent, beautiful prank that gave our dead, cold hearts the little defibrillation we needed. 

Interested in the full story? Then watch the video!

And remember, there's nothing funnier than someone pulling off a subtle, yet totally ridiculous stunt that remains unnoticed for far too long. 

"Day five, they still haven't noticed."


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