Campus Compass – n
1. A method of location on a college campus in reference to all-male residence halls. Typical compass directions, North South East and West, are expanded to include Upwind and Downwind.
Usage: "I just ate, so I’m taking the East-Upwind route around Prichard Hall"

Febreeze Wash – v
1. A method of extending the wear-ability of a piece of clothing by spraying it with Febreeze instead of actually washing it.
… See also: Axe Shower

Dildo – slang, n
1. Any person who regularly uses subwoofers in a dorm, such that it shakes the contents of surrounding rooms. Etymology: derived from Latin “dildus” meaning “to vibrate”.
Usage: "I’ll have to call you back, there’s a dildo next door."

Hands-freak – n
1. A college student so addicted to their hands-free cellphone that it is impossible to tell whether they are talking on the phone or simply crazy. It is perfectly acceptable to converse with this person as if they were talking to you.

Freshmagnet – n
1. A freshmen, commonly female, who latches on to the first upperclassman they find to leech any of the following: homework, beer, weed, sex, or someone they can trick into watching bad anime. Avoid at all costs, except in cases involving hot girls.

Fillerbuster – v, n
1, v: The act of asking an inane or complicated question at the end of class to distract the professor from assigning any homework or additional reading.
2, n: One who performs a fillerbuster, often regarded as a hero.
… See also: Fillerbastard

Fillerbastard – n
1. Someone who answers the fillerbuster’s question in an attempt to suck up to the professor or to stroke his own ego. Easily distinguishable by the phrase “Professor, didn’t we already answer that question earlier in class? If some people were paying attention…”
… See also: Lynch Mob

Layup – n
1. Sex in a lofted bed. Associated with a lack of horizontal mobility, leading to many embarrassing injuries involving head-on-ceiling, body-on-floor, and face-on-knee. Known to be deadly if performed while drunk.
Example: "Whoa, what’s with that bruise on your neck?" "I got it making a layup."